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kwickfix is a community solely for the purpose of education on the art of hacking, leaking, cracking & coding.We are in no way a blackhat commmunity. We do NOT perform any hacks or endorse any hacking activity, we simply release tutorials for educational purposes only.

KwickFix was a forum that I ran back in 2011 and I got forced to shut it down due to family problems. I officially re-opened it the day before yesterday. The forum is almost complete now, I'm is still editing and making modifications and adding extra things such as plugins, upgrades etc. KwickFix was once an active, friendly community that held a lot of HQ, original content. We are currently searching for active members that work together to keep the community alive. If you join the forum and post threads regularly and try stay active it will help us a lot. We are currently looking for your feedback, please let us know your suggestions! Our members are our main priority and we will do anything to keep them happy. We require that you register to view anything on our forum because it will contain a lot of original and unique content and save it from being leeched without a thanks. We will be hosting competitions, providing help and doing much, much more, but instead of just taking our word for it, come see for yourself!

Have you searched the internet countless times looking for a way to "hack?" Maybe you have searched for a way to download programs, games, or movies for free? Or maybe you have searched for a friendly, helpful community that offers all that plus more? Well search no more, you have struck gold. Well not quite gold, better?! Here at we have forums for countless discussions to be held daily. We have a 'warez' section with endless amounts of safe secure downloads for your favourite TV shows, Movies, Games, Programs, and more. But what we really are known for is not our download section, but our notorious underground hacking section. Hack online games, your friends, and get passwords to any site! We offer numerous easy to follow tutorials and programs for you to become a 'hacker' in no time. Don't believe us? Why not come to and see for yourself. Stuck on a problem? Ask any of our staff members or a tech genius members.

Your feedback is vital to us because you as users are our first priority and we would like to do everything we possibly can to keep you happy. Feel free to post any suggestions and feedback!

I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this thread and hopefully we will see you shortly over very soon.


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